Red Grandis aboutIn 2017 we decided to add a hardwood to our product range to cater for the our customer who requirements took them outside of our standard product range.

We assessed the durability, sustainability and cost to our customers of several timber timbers over a period of about 12 months and decided that Red Grandis (please see would be a good choice, and this has become a popular timber. Over the last 6 months we have been looking to add another hardwood to our range.

Balau - Introduced in 2020

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Know as Yellow balau is a hard and heavy timber and well suited for decking, flooring, fencing and cladding.

A yellowish-brown timber with interlocked grain, and a coarse, but even texture. Malaysia where it is considered to be very durable and TRADA rating it as durable. With a Janka Hardness of 1,600 lbf (7,120 N)

As with all the timber we sell our balau is FSC, SVLK (Indonesia’s Timber Legality Assurance), FLEGT (a Organisation to combat illegal logging), making it a sustainable and ethical sourced product.

We're got a dedicated website for balau showing the different profiles and decking/flooring options we will be offering, in the mean time. To order please call us on 01460 281225, or email or use our Quick Quote Form.