Co2 Grandis®

Red Grandis aboutIn 2017 we decided to add a hardwood (Co2 Grandis®) to our product range to cater for the our customer who requirements took them outside of our standard product range. We assessed the durability, sustainability and cost to our customers of several timber timbers over a period of about 12 months and decided that Co2 Grandis® also know as Eucalyptus Grandis, Red Grandis, Rose Gum or Flooded Gum would be the best timber to carry the Co2 Grandis® name.

Being a subspecies of the Eucalyptus tree it is straight grained uniform hardwood with Class 2 durability. It can be easy painted or stained or left to naturally "grey" to give that rustic appearance. Co2 Grandis® is comparable to many other hardwood on the market such as oak, teak, iroko as well as the softwood alternatives cedar and larch. It is sourced our from FSC certified plantation and are EUTR compliant.

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