Feather Edged Cladding

British Western Red Cedar - British Douglas Fir

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Co2timber Feather EdgeCo2timber Feather EdgeCo2timber Feather Edge Customer
Our standard size Feather Edge cladding are:-
  • 150mm (6")
  • 200mm (8")
  • From £ 1.83 per meter Ex V.A.T. and delivery
  • bespoke
(Traditional sawn sizes are in brackets)

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Feather edge cladding is a traditional style of cladding created by overlapping boards. Each board has one edge thicker than the other creating a tapered side, Our feather Edge boards tapper from 20mm to 10mm and can be used for a wide verity projects from cladding barns to sheds and is also a popular fencing materiel. Available in Western Red Cedar, and Douglas Fir in three different widths as fresh sawn(green) or air dried (elimination of its tendency to warp or twist especially in summer months).

Compared to other forms of cladding timber is noted for being the ultimate green material. Having the least impact on the environment during its lifespan and it also requires significantly less energy to produces compared with man-made alternatives. Cedar can be left untreated as classified as BS EN 350-2 class 3 (moderately durable).

Co2timber feather edge rough side
Feather Edge Rough Side
Co2timber Feather Edge Fine Sawn
Feather Edge Fine Side
We believe our feather edge cladding is unrivalled in its quality and versatility.

We offer all our customers as part of our philosophy of "looking after our customers" a feather edge board that has a very special feature - one face of the board is a SAWN finish while the opposite face has a FINE SAWN finish, this gives our customers the choice of a "Rustic Sawn look" or a more "Contemporary Smooth Look". Furthermore if you intend on treating your timber the smooth side will be a more accepting face to treat. If you have ever tried coating a sawn finish you will know how long it takes and how much treatment it takes. The smooth face finish will save you time and money.

We believe we are the only saw mill or in fact retailer of feather edge cladding that offers this feature and above all at no extra cost to our customers.

Prices Cedar

Green Each
20 X 150 X 3600£ 8.96
20 X 200 X 3600£ 11.54

Air Dried Each
20 X 150 X 3600£ 11.09
20 X 200 X 3600£ 15.49

Prices Douglas Fir

Green Each
20 X 150 X 3600£ 6.58
20 X 200 X 3600£ 8.83

Air Dried Each
20 X 150 X 3600£ 8.02
20 X 200 X 3600£ 10.49

All Prices Exc. V.A.T. and Delivery. Delivery and minimum order value click here.

To order/enquire please call us on 01460 281225, or email or use our Quick Quote Form.

Required Boards Calculator

* THE CONVERSION ABOVE TAKES INTO CONSIDERATION AN OVERLAP OF 50mm, if a different overlap is required please use our Bespoke Cladding Calculator.

Please note this is a guide calculation when placing order please give all dimensions required.

Area sqm    Board Width      
Board depth


Area: sqm   Board width: 50mm   Overlap 50 mm*   Approx Linear meters: 0 m

You will need :-

0 X 3600mm boards including 10% wastage.

To discuss your requirements or to order call us on 01460 281225, or email or use our Quick Quote Form.

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