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Co2timber flooring
Our standard size flooring boarding comes in 20mm (3/4") and widths of:-
  • 50mm (2")
  • 75mm (3")
  • 100mm (4")
  • 140mm
  • Square Edge or T&G
  • From £3.32 per meter Ex V.A.T. and delivery
(Traditional sawn sizes are in brackets)

We offer a bespoke service, please contact us to discuss your "special" requirements.

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Larch, and Douglas Fir are ideally suited to the manufacture of flooring. It is natures creation therefore it does expand and contract with changes in humidity and temperature, kiln dried to around 12% it becomes very stable and perfect for under floor heating.

Because we are a milling company we start the process of producing our floorboards by picking the best quality raw material. This is then milled and we hand pick the boards best suited for flooring. Each board is then kiln dried and planed on all four sides ready to be shipped to our customers. It's always worth remembering before laying any real wood floor to leave it to "acclimatise" for a minimum of 10 days or so in the room before fitting.


It can endure constant changes from wet to dry without warping, cracking, shrinking or distorting, and is therefore great for flooring. Larch is a reddish colour that can be stained, and has attractive small knots.

Douglas Fir

Is a very worthy timber to use as flooring, although officially a "softwood" it's actually a very hard and solid timber. Suitable for those on tighter budget.

To order please call us on 01460 281225, or email.

Larch Flooring Prices

Size 20 MM Each 10+ 100+
20 X 50 X 3600£ 17.45£ 15.84£ 15.28
20 X 75 X 3600£ 18.89£ 17.00£ 15.50
20 X 100 X 3600£ 20.36£ 18.33£ 17.48
20 X 140 X 3600£ 21.80£ 19.62£ 18.73

Douglas Fir Flooring Prices

Size 20 MM Each 10+ 100+
20 X 50 X 3600£ 14.45£ 13.11£ 12.66
20 X 75 X 3600£ 15.65£ 14.08£ 12.84
20 X 100 X 3600£ 16.86£ 15.18£ 14.48
20 X 140 X 3600£ 18.06£ 16.25£ 15.52

We also offer a bespoke service so if you require larger or smaller boards please do not hesitate in contacting us to discuss your requirements.

All Prices Exc. V.A.T. and Delivery. Delivery and minimum order value click here.

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Required Boards Cost Calculator

Room Area sqm    Board width     

Room Area: sqm   Board width: mm   linear meters: 0 m

*You will need 0 X 3600mm boards including 10% wastage.

For Bespoke flooring calculation please use our Square Edge Calculator

* Please note this is a guide calculation when placing order please give all dimensions required.
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