Co2timber shadow Gap Cedar

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Co2timber 360 diagram

Shadow Gap Cladding

19mm x 65mm
cover width 58mm

19mm x 90mm
cover width 83mm

19mm x 142mm
cover width 135mm

From £ 3.89 per metre
Ex V.A.T. and delivery.

Co2timber shadow Gap Cladding Diagram Vertical

Co2timber Customer image
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SKU Size Price per length
SG-01HGWRC6519mm X 65mm X 3600mm£ 14.01
SG-01HGWRC9019mm X 90mm X 3600mm£ 16.16
SG-01HGWRC14219mm X 142mm X 3600mm£ 20.77

SKU Size Price per length
SG-02HGWRC6519mm X 65mm X 2400mm£ 10.58
SG-02HGWRC9019mm X 90mm X 2400mm£ 12.21
SG-02HGWRC14219mm X 142mm X 2400mm£ 15.67

Locally sourced from Somerset and surrounding counties, we deliver locally and nationally.

Shadow gap, sometimes called channel cladding provides a contemporary modern feel and looks amazing at night when illuminated.

It interlocks top and bottom and can be fitted either horizontally or vertically.

Stainless steel fixing should be used either nails or screws. Please see our accessories page. Can be installed using "secret fixing".

Cedar and larch can be treated with Cedar Oil or just leave it to turn a natural silver grey, also available in Douglas Fir and as a rough sawn finish.

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For hardwood and imported timbers please see:- Canadian Western Red Cedar   -  Siberian Larch  -  Hardwood Balau   -   Red Grandis   -  Scandinavian Redwood  -  British Larch

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