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Feather Edged Cladding

Western Red Cedar - Larch - Douglas Fir

Have you a cladding project planned? Our timber feather edge cladding is an ideal product to timber clad all types of applications

Feather edge cladding is a traditional style of cladding created by overlapping boards. Each board has one edge thicker than the other creating a tapered side, Our feather Edge boards tapper from 20mm to 10mm because this size is the most suitable for all applications, any less of a taper is generally regarded as fencing grade. It can be used for a wide verity projects from cladding barns to sheds and is also a popular fencing materiel.Available in Western Red Cedar, Larch, and Douglas Fir in three different widths as fresh sawn(green) or air dried (elimination of its tendency to warp or twist especially in summer months).

Compared to other forms of cladding timber is noted for being the ultimate green material. Having the least impact on the environment during its lifespan and it also requires significantly less energy to produces compared with man-made alternatives. Both cedar and larch can be left untreated are classified by BS EN 350-2 class 3 (moderately durable).


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