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Primarily we are a sawn mill and our main accessories page can be found by clicking the link above. We are constantly reviewing products which our customers would like us to keep in stock.

We will be adding accessories over a period of time and in line with our customer demand.

Should you have an item that we at present do not supply please feel free to contact us with your request.

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Timber Clad your project with timber supplied by Co2 Timber & Red Grandis



Special offer starts 28/10/2017 Ends 28.11.2017

Contrary to what some companies have displayed on there web sites CODE LEVEL 6 is still something that is current albeit on a voluntary basis - Come on you people out there get your facts right, you are not doing the industry or our planet any good by spreading false information.
The Codes for sustainable homes should inspire us all to be as Co2 friendly as possible in which ever form it takes.


To order please call us on 01460 281225, or email or use our Quick Quote Form.